About Us

Our business was founded in the early 1990s by food industry veteran, Mr Harish Patel who wanted to bring something unique to the food decoration market. He was an engineer by qualification, an innovator by nature, and an artist by passion. After working with Cadbury for more than 10 years, he started an engineering services business that served some of the leading food companies in the United Kingdom, such as Cadbury and Trebor Bassett.

Edible Glitter For Cake

A Unique Effect

During this time, he became increasingly interested in food technology and invested in an extensive research programme involving scientists and engineers to invent a fully edible food decoration product with a unique prismatic effect under direct light.

Magic Sparkles and Magic Twinkles are the outcome of this innovation and are still enjoyed worldwide by some of the world’s largest and best-known food brands, including luxury chocolatiers, celebrity bakers and leading food multinationals.

We move far and wide

We are dedicated to catering to consumers, with an extensive range of gourmet quality edible glitters and sprinkles in various forms and colours. We move far and wide to create 100% edible glitter that can add a “special something” to your baked creations or culinary delights. All our glitters and sprinkles are manufactured with pride here in the UK, with unique and innovative food technology, using premium ingredients.

Edible Glitter For Chocolates

How are we making a difference?

  • Edible Glitter

    100% Edible

  • Natural Colors Edible Glitters

    Natural Colours

  • Hand Made Edible Glitters


  • Vegan Certified Edible Glitter

    Vegan Certified

Unlike some of the other glitter, dust, and sprinkles available in the market, our magical range of products is compliant with the major food standards, naturally vegan, GMO free and gluten aware. We subsidise our natural colours range substantially, to encourage the use of natural food colourings and provide better access to these to consumers who care.

Today we are a family-run business with a diverse and passionate team who collectively contribute to our growth. Our mission is simple: to bring a bit of magic and sparkle to your wonderful creations.