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    100% Edible

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    Natural Colours

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Our Magical Range

Create a jewel-like shine! Simply sprinkle our fully edible glitter on your sweet creations for a glamorous effect.

Range of Colours


Range of Colours


Range of Mixes


Our Ambassadors

Fiona Cairns Magic Sparkles Customer

Magic Sparkles has been our sparkle of choice for many years here at Fiona Cairns and adding a sprinkle or two simply brings our cakes alive. We love it!

I absolutely adore Magic Sparkles and Magic Twinkles! I’ve been in the Cake industry for over 15 years and have been using Magic Sparkles ever since they became available. They add a very unique sparkle to my cakes and never fail to attract a lot of attention.

Lynda Kathryn Magic Sparkles Customer

This product is magic - they do truly sparkle. When I'm decorating cakes or cupcakes, adding Magic Sparkles completely elevates the look. They've become the finishing touch for every cake I make.

Buttercup Cakes Magic Sparkles Customer

I've been using Magic Sparkles for quite a while now and absolutely love them. I mainly use them on wedding cakes and my clients love the effect. They are easy to use and they really twinkle and catch the light, without being "blingy", so are perfect for the pretty, elegant cakes my clients are looking for.

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